Our Founder


Torrey Mercer

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Motivational Speaker, Founder of The Pledge Tour


Hello to all! My name is Torrey Mercer, I am the founder of The Pledge Tour. I am a graduate of UC Irvine with my Bachelor's degree in Education Science and Drama. I am a recording artist, songwriter, and motivational speaker, and it has been my great pleasure and privilege to host assemblies for thousands of students across the state of California and beyond. Addressing bullying and character development with students of all ages is no easy feat, I deeply admire and respect the teachers and administrators who work with their students every single day, and are passionate about helping them to make positive choices. It has been such a humbling experience getting to speak to over 10,000 students about bullying, integrity, personal improvement, and character development, to perform my original music for them, and to give them tools to motivate them to always try their best while they are at school, whatever their best may be. I look forward to the potential of meeting more students, and being able to challenge new students to take The Pledge for self improvement.