About Us


The Pledge Tour, founded by Torrey Mercer in 2015, is a service organization with the mission of spreading a positive message to schools, and helping them to change the climate of their school for the better. This curricular music concert tour incorporates spirit-building activities, live music performances, and customized events for each school or organization to address themes of bullying/cyberbullying, kindness, integrity, diversity, character, and career development.

Founder Torrey Mercer, the 2015 “Peacemaker of the Year” as named by the Encinitas Rotary Club in San Diego, has her Bachelor's degrees from UC Irvine in Education Sciences, and Drama. Growing up, Torrey was bullied through her elementary, middle, and high school years, and became a youth activist within the school system as a singer songwriter, and speaker because of her own experiences. At the young age of 9 years-old Torrey began singing, which has helped her evolve over the years into the successful recording artist she is today. In 2009 she was named “Inspirational Singer of the Year” by Universal Studio’s CityWalk, and in 2014 was named “Inspirational Artist of the Year” by critics choice at the Artists in Music Awards for her music. Torrey’s original music is about her experiences with bullying, low self-esteem, and negative relationships, and what she learned from them.

Torrey has spoken for thousands of students across the country and has seen countless bullies apologize in front of their peers at assemblies for their wrong doing in her program. Her work with each of these schools deeply touched her, and has inspired her to found and lead The Pledge Tour as a formal organization in pursuit of a better school experience for students everywhere.

Torrey Mercer is currently working on new 2018 music, and new 2018 programs to bring to the schools and groups she has worked with, and new groups. She is excited to introduce some brand new elements to the program, and to continue empowering students to achieve personal excellence.